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Tom Samples Professional of the Year

The Tom Samples Professional of the year Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Tennessee Turfgrass Association. Beginning in the spring fall of each year TTA members nominate deserving individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the turfgrass industry in Tennessee. The nominees are reviewed by the TTA board of directors. Each year's winner is announced at the annual TTA Conference and Trade Show in January. 

Dr. Tom Samples Professional of the Year Recipients

 2018Bill Blackburn 
 2017Roger Frazier
 2016Doug Ward
 2015Paul L. Carter, CGCS
 2014Greg Breeden
 2013Joe Hill
 2012Bobby Winstead
 2011Dan Stump
 2010James Brosnan, Ph.D
 2009Al Davis
 2008Shelia Finney
 2007Rodney Lingle
 2006Alan Windham, Ph.D
 2005Lynn and Cindy Ray
 2004John Sorochan, Ph.D
 2003Jeff Rumph
 2000David Green
 1999Bob Campbell
 1998Larry Shore
 1997Andy Brennan
 1996Joe Kennedy
 1995Jim Thomas
 1994Dick Horton
 1993Tom Samples, Ph.D
 1992David Stone
 1991Lloyd Callahan, Ph.D

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