Welcome to the Tennessee Turfgrass Association!

Welcome to the Tennessee Turfgrass Association!

The Tennessee Turfgrass Association serves its members in the industry through education, promotion, and representation. The association supports ongoing programs in research, education, and extension in the areas of turfgrass management that will benefit all individuals who manage turfgrasses or derive pleasure from the results of such management.

This site brings together the extensive turfgrass industry within the state of Tennessee. This site will provide answers to your questions in all turfgrass arenas, including:
Golf Course, Athletic Fields, Sod Farms, Non-Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Right-of-Ways.

Please send to: Shelia Finney

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50th Anniversary Celebration Banquet

Tuesday January 12th, 6pm-10 pm

All Members and Conference Attendees of TTA are invited to attend!

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors for Our Banquet

Smith Turf and Irrigation

Tri Turf Sod

Sod Solutions

Greenville Turf and Tractor

Advanced Turf Solutions

McCurdy Sod Farms

Dickens Supply Company

Gulf Coast Organic

Premier Pro 

50th Annual Tennessee Turfgrass Conference and Tradeshow

Registration is Open!! Click below under Upcoming Events to register online. 

Make Hotel Reservations at Embassy Suites by calling:

(615) 890-4464

Use Code TET or just tell them you are with the Tennessee Turfgrass Association 

Complete details are in the Registration Brochure Below


The UT Turf and Ornamental Field Day is September 10th. 

Online registration and more information is available at http://www.tennesseeturfgrassweeds.org/Pages/FieldDay.aspx

TTA is hosting a TTA member Social at Barleys Taproom on Sept 9th 7pm-10pm. Please come by and enjoy beer and pizza. Many Thanks to our Sponsors, Syngenta, Helena, Modern Turf and John Deere Landscapes. 

We will be at Field Day with a Raffle for Turfgrass Research. All proceeds will go directly to UT Turfgrass Research. Please come by and support turfgrass research in your state. 

Sponsors for the Raffle are:

Smith Turf and Irrigation

WinField Solutions

Growth Enhancers


Greenville Turf


TriTurf Sod

Advanced Turf Solutions

McCurdy Sod Farms

The Hogan Company


Sigma Organics

Ewing Irrigation

Upcoming events

12 Jan 2016 • Embassy Suites Murfreesboro


Tennessee Turfgrass Association

400 Franklin Road, Franklin, TN 37069

Phone (615) 533-3925


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