Environmental Stewardship Award Nomination Form

The Tennessee Turfgrass Association (TTA) would like to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals, organizations, businesses, educational institutions, and agencies for successful projects or activities designed to improve the environment through wildlife habitat preservation, water and resource conservation and reduction, and educational outreach. Through our Environmental Stewardship Award, we can create greater knowledge and awareness of environmental and conservation practices and projects by members of TTA which have demonstrated outstanding contributions to environmental protection and improvement.

Criteria for Consideration

The following criteria must be met to submit for the Tennessee Turfgrass Association Environmental Stewardship Award:

  • Property must be fully managed by an active and in good standing member of the Tennessee Turfgrass Association.

  • Property must be in use for at least two years.

How to Apply

  1. Please complete all questions in Section I.

  2. In Section II, you will be asked to write an essay that can either be attached or submitted in the text box.

  3. In Section III, you will be asked to submit photographs of the golf course with captions. Those can be uploaded or emailed to [email protected] .

  4. This application and all attachments must be submitted to the Tennessee Turfgrass Association no later than October 31. Any questions should be emailed to [email protected].

Nominator Information

Nominee information

In a type-written essay, give a detailed of how the property has improved, protected, and/or promoted environmental protection and conservation. The awards committee is looking for unique and innovative ways in which individuals have changed practices or programs on the property to either reduce and conserve natural resources, improve or create natural habitats, or encouraged environmental awareness through outreach and education.

Include a minimum of two original photographs of the course with captions. The committee encourages creative photos that show how actions and activities on the property have improved or benefitted the environment. Documentation of environmental certifications from Audubon International, The Groundwater Foundation, or the Environmental Institute for Golf are encouraged. Materials prepared for education and outreach, as well as, any published articles or case studies promoting environmental stewardship are also encouraged. Photos of wildlife, unless unique in nature, should not be submitted.